One Month, Three Games

2019-07-25 00:23 - Gaming

As I'm wont to tell most people that will listen, I've got a deep backlog of video games lined up to play. It's been growing deeper recently, as I let some new games jump to the front of the line. I played Stardew Valley recently (it's new to me!) and loved it. A bit earlier, Mini Metro. Some Smash Bros, Baba is You, Steamworld Dig. I was having fun with the Switch.

For the Fourth of July week, I got right down to the backlog though. A PS1 game had been sitting eagerly at the front of the line for some time: Chrono Cross. The sequel to the amazing action RPG Chrono Trigger. I was so underwhelmed that, after thirty hours or so in, I just stopped. This one is a standard turn-based JRPG, which I've played plenty of. But it's not a good one. The battle mechanics were very slow and repetitive, lots of superfluous animations taking up time. A battle mechanic that's a bit clever, but tedious and time consuming. And the story didn't grab me, so I couldn't maintain enthusiasm.

Next on the list was BioShock Infinite. I've played the previous two in the series. Simply put: it's more of the same, with little to recommend it, and continues the downward trend of the series, in my opinion. It's just yet another FPS game, with a strange companion bolted on, who adds little. This one only took a couple weeks, beginning to end.

Which brings me to my third game this month: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Again the third in a series. This time, the first game was the worst. The second got better. The third so far adds little to nothing, it feels like a cookie cutter copy of the second. Like I said I "never" do this, but I'm already thinking of giving up on it (rather than playing to the end), again.

Could I, should I, hope that the next game on the list is better?


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