My Modded Dreamcast

2020-01-26 15:45 - Gaming

I've got a large collection of video game consoles. Building it is something I enjoy. I also both enjoy getting great deals and have great patience. In late 2018 I got a Framemeister device, as part of a lot with other video game stuff. I hardly have any Sega systems but this lot came with a Saturn, in addition to the Genesis (and Sega CD) I already have. So I've been monitoring eBay for some time to get a Dreamcast. Late last month I grabbed a deal: two systems, several games, four controllers (two OEM, two third party) and two VMUs.

One of the two systems works fine, and I've left it as-is. The other was missing its disc cover, and the GD-ROM drive didn't hold (and thus didn't spin) discs correctly. I've modded this second one.

The case of my modded Dreamcast.  The SD card and button for the GDEMU are visible where the GD-ROM should be, with a 3D printed insert to hold them, and fill the hole. The insides of my modded Dreamcast.  The replacement power supply (Pico PSU) is visible on the left.  The black board in the middle is the GDEMU drive replacement, and the 3D printed bracket and insert sits atop that.

It was only the disc drive that was bad on this second unit. I've replaced it with a GDEMU drive emulator. To that I added a 3D printed bracket. This fills the hole left by removing the original drive, and makes the SD card and "eject button" easily accessible. In addition, I replaced the internal power supply with a Pico PSU. I've heard that GDEMU modded consoles have an extra tendency to overheat, and this helps.

This system still looks a little funny without the disc lid, but seeing as that was the only broken part, the GDEMU (which I wanted to add anyway) was a perfect replacement!


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