Intense Gaming (Metal Gear Solid 4)

2009-02-24 12:27 - Gaming

I'm not big gamer, but the PS3 is slowly turning me into one. So I know, I'm way behind the curve; I don't care. My last post was about LittleBigPlanet, which I've mostly finished (until I can come up with the inspiration, and motivation, for more of my own creations). This one is about Metal Gear Solid 4. Like I said I'm not a big gamer, besides my Nintendo DS, I've been completely out of the console gaming scene since the original Playstation, going on 10 years now. But I do remember playing the original Metal Gear back then — not terribly well, but enough to remember that it was fun.

The newest Metal Gear Solid has almost universally positive reviews, and I agree. I was a bit frustrated at first, only after I started playing did I see the section in the manual that explained where the "tutorial" was, and after seeing that I got much better, and more comfortable.

First, the graphics are extremely impressive. It's rather easy to lose yourself into the game. And the gameplay is intense. I've certainly gotten my heart beating extra fast on a few occasions. Perhaps this game just tickles my fancy the right way. I really enjoy the suspense of the sneaking form of combat of this game. It certainly has its shootouts here and there (though I've seen some hints of trophies for a playthrough in which you don't kill anybody, I think that takes judicious use of the stun gun and tranquilizer darts), much of the game is carefully sneaking from the tall grass to the shadows, and getting to your goal without even being seen. I find that very exciting.


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