Gran Turismo 5 Prologue spec III - All Cars and Races

2009-03-16 20:14 - Gaming

I recently started playing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. I enjoyed the original on the first Playstation (where have you heard that before?), and this is just as good if not better, without even being the full game. I haven't played any of the versions in between, so I don't know if this is "normal" for the series or not, but aftermarket tweaking is a much smaller part of this version, so which car you get plays a bigger role.

Again, this is just the "prologue", so the selection is limited ... to 74 different cars. Which to get, especially when you're on a budget? And which to choose from a particular set to meet the requirements for an event? I put together a spreadsheet to help answer just that question.

Get Gran Turismo 5 Prologue spec which contains both an Excel spreadsheet, and the same information in TAB delimited text files.

The Excel version has autofiltering enabled, so you can show just a particular class (like muscle cars) or drivetrain (like 4WD), to pick the best car for a race. The power, weight, and performance points of every car is listed, along with the price, to help you pick which is the best car that meets your needs, that you can afford. Cars that you must buy, to complete all the events, are listed in bold. If it's ever a close call, get the bold car.

There's also a list of all of the events, along with (approximately!) how much cash per minute you can make, based on the best possible lap time of that course (and car, where appropriate), and number of laps. If you really want to build a little extra cash to get a particular car, you can use that list as a guide to choose which race to run a few extra times. (But to be honest, if you're like me, it probably takes enough tries to clear the event that cash isn't an issue for quite some time. Rewards even for lower places are still significant.

Finally, mostly to stuff in the keywords for search engines, here's the full list of cars detailed in the spreadsheet:


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