Cronus Zen + Logitech Driving Force GT + PS5 + Gran Turismo 7 = FUN

2022-07-30 17:40 - Gaming

I'm trying to use a Cronus Zen device, to enable my existing wheel controller (Logitech Driving Force GT, originally for a PS3 — stinks that it only works with the PS3) to work with my freshly acquired PS5. I've seen at least one Reddit post that says "Logitech G27 fully operational on PS5 thanks to a Cronus Zen". But not specifically how. There's documentation for using a PS5, and using a wheel (on a PS4), but not one official document for both. Here I'm recording the steps I used to get my wheel working on the PS5, to play Gran Turismo 7.

  1. Start by updating the firmware (archive) of the Zen.
  2. Plug in the rear Micro USB port to PC (minimum Windows 10).
  3. Run cmupdatetool (archive) (11.2.0), to latest firmware (2.1.0-beta35). (This appears to be an online process which will break once their servers go down?)
  4. Disconnect USB.
  5. Now I think we need to combine PS4 Wheel Mode (archive) and (for PS5:) PS4 Specialty (archive) mode.
  6. Connect side Mini USB port to PC. (My Mini port seemed flaky. Took more force to fully insert than expected, then it worked well.)
  7. Open Zen Studio (archive) (1.2.1-beta.105).

I'm using the recommended Hori Mini Pad so I'm using those instructions (archive).

  1. Set the PS5 console settings as per that documentation.
  2. Continue with connect by USB (archive).
  3. I still have Zen Studio open; Click Tools > Zen Operational Mode. In the dialog select "Wheel Mode".
  4. In the device tab check "Enable PS4 Specialty" and ensure "Emulator Output Protocol" is "AUTO".
  5. Still in device tab click the "Reset Device" (not "Factory Reset" on the left!)> button.
  6. Disconnect all USB.
  7. Connect the Hori Mini Pad to the A1 port on the left (when looking at the screen) of the Zen.
  8. Connect the wheel to the A3 port, the left of the two on the front of the Zen.
  9. Connect the PS5 to the (rear) Micro USB port on the Zen. (I used a rear USB port on the PS5, because it was convenient.)

At least one place said there should be no PS5 controllers paired, but I kept mine paired and it works great!


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